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Cameron Chronicles

Join The Duke Chronicle's sports staff as they cover Blue Devil basketball and all that's happening with the five-time national champs!

The Chronicle is Duke's official, student-run, independent news source.

Season 2 Hosts: Derek Saul and Mitchell Gladstone

Dec 30, 2021

Happy New Year! With 2022 upon us, we figured it was time for a special podcast. We talked with 14 current and former Chronicle editors in chief, sports editors and sports managing editors about their respective times covering the program. Each gave their insight into Coach K, the teams that they each covered, the star players they covered and a whole lot more. In chronological order, today's guests are Jon Scher (1:22-11:03), Charley Scher (11:15-17:54), Ben Cohen (18:08-30:15), Andrew Beaton (30:25-38:55), Amrith Ramkumar (39:08-44:26), Hank Tucker (44:42-52:30), Mitchell Gladstone (52:42-1:05:23), Michael Model (1:05:37-1:11:16), Winston Lindqwister (1:11:40-1:17:08), Derek Saul (1:17:24-1:28:35), Conner McLeod (1:28:55-1:34:07), Evan Kolin (1:34:20-1:37:39), Shane Smith (1:37:51-1:41:48) and Jake Piazza (1:42:00-1:47:30). Thanks to everyone for taking the time to sit down. 

Recorded October 7, 2021-December 27, 2021

Producer: Max Rego